Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

73,000 Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

Image of Fires in the AmazonFires in the Amazon rainforest happen annually. They are the favourite method of de-foresting Brazil. Yet this year many people are concerned about the damage they are causing to the natural eco-system in the area. So far in 2019, the fires in the Amazon have killed more plants, animals and birds than ever before.

Furthermore, the thousands of fires are actually damaging the breathing apparatus or ‘lungs’ of our planet. Normally the trees in the rainforest absorb enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Sadly they are now choking with smoke every day, and their ability to absorb carbon dioxide is limited. This means its natural bio-diversity is under threat. It also means that we are too, because the lungs of the Amazon help reduce the potential for global warming.Therefore, it is crucial that we protect what is there.

The Jungle is Full of Medicine

fires in the amazon kill flowersAnother concern to many about the fires in the Amazon is that the rainforest is a natural pharmacy and medicine cabinet. The jungle provides many medicines for the Indigenous people, and lots of ingredients for western medicine as well. With all the fires in the Amazon we lose herbs, flowers and medicines that are used every day throughout the world. Also, we are losing many plants that  have not yet been properly examined and identified. Therefore it is impossible to know what potential medicine we are actually losing as these fires burn. Yet they continue.

Putting out the Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

fires in the Amazon along the riverMany of us would like to see the fires in the Amazon put out, and never lit again. But that will take profound change in how we interact with the natural world, and use our resources. Money, greed and power have been a part of how resources are found and used for centuries, and policies and belief systems will not change overnight.

But stopping the annual fires in the Amazon is not just about money and political action. We can help in other ways. Personal choices and actions can make change happen at deep levels. It may be that we make a difference by writing letters, or boycotting certain global industries and products. And it is important to remember that our thoughts, intentions and personal vibrations can change things too. What we send out energetically into the world also has power. We just need to be clear what thoughts we are sending out into the ethers and the collective consciousness. And we need to pay attention to our anger, dis-satisfaction, weariness, distress and sadness. All of these emotions and feelings feed a system that needs clearing from the ground up.

Personal Responsibility

responsibility helps us establish what to do about the fires in the amazonAs each of us becomes more aware of the many levels of consciousness that exists it is important to take personal responsibility for any role we have in the collective energy pattern. Remembering we are all inter-connected does not seem to be enough. Yet realising that we each make choices and decisions in every moment, can help us move forward with a sense of power and purpose when everything around us seems beyond help. We can of course also make a difference to the fires in the amazon via our meditations, healing groups, and prayers. So if we want to help, the very least each of us can do, is to send positive thoughts and clear intention for a positive change and healing outcome for the fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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