The Petroglyphs at Kakadu – An Ancient Living Gallery

The Petroglyphs at Kakadu National Park are a Stunning Gallery and Sacred Sitepetroglyphs at Kakadu 1A few years ago I visited the Petroglyphs at Kakadu in the Northern Territory of Australia. In this article, I discuss how to respectfully visit and interact with them.

The inscriptions or ‘rock art’ as the petroglyphs at Kakadu are commonly known, have an energy that can take us to other times and places. They also help make an area holy and give it a sacredness, and the ‘rock art’ at Ubirr and Nourangie Rock in Kakadu National Park emits a sacred essence and has a multi-dimensional quality.

Living Galleries at Kakadu

Petroglyphs at Kakadu image 2There are profound living stories that are shared in these ancient galleries, as well as stories of the history of the area, what people saw, and who and what they encountered. In one area there is an image of a boat with tall sails and another with a man wearing a hat, holding a gun. There is also an image of the sacred ancestral rainbow serpent.

Throughout the ‘galleries’ there are images of fish, dolphins, local animals and birds, as well as drawings/paintings of good and bad spirits, the ancestors and dreaming. They also identify animals and spirits that the community should avoid, like the dangerous spirit ‘Nabulwinjbulwinj’.

X-Ray Images in the Petroglyphs at Kakadu

I love the x-ray style and painting techniques that were used, as well as the colours of the ochres, and I found wandering through these galleries to be profound and moving, I also felt very lucky. To actually be there, and also to have been welcomed by the Ancestral Spirits was a real privilege.

As I mentioned, places like these are very special and contain great energies and energy templates. They can help us remember who we are, and they can help us track ancient pathways in the landscape and the cosmos.

Permission to Visit Sites like the Petroglyphs at Kakadu 

Petroglyphs at kakadu 4When we visit sites like this it is good to visit with positive intention. Whether you can see, feel or hear them, there are ancient energies present. So, on your arrival, if not before, state your intention and ask permission to enter this sacred place. Let the guardians and ancestral spirits know why you are visiting and engage with them with respect.

When you ask their permission to visit and enter – respect the answer you are given. You may hear voices, you may experience sensations in your body, you may have some thoughts and ideas pop into your head. You may experience a change in the outside temperature, a light breeze, or a strong wind may pick up. An animal or bird may suddenly appear – on the ground, in the trees or in the sky. So attune you senses to experiencing anything and everything that may be clues to how they are communicating with you.

Honouring the Response from the Ancestors 

If the answer to your question is YES, and you are welcome to go anywhere, then register that and acknowledge the liberty and respect that they have shown you. If they say you can visit some bits and not others, respect that, and acknowledge the liberty and respect that they have shown you.

If you receive a NO and you are not welcome, then honour that and acknowledge the respect and liberty that they have shown you. The Elders, Guardians and Ancestral Spirits may explain their answer to you, however it is not an expectation. Equally if they choose to ignore you, this does not mean all is well.

Develop Harmonious Relationships With The Earth 

Petroglyphs at Kakadu 5I often take people to sacred sites, to help them develop and build harmonious relationships with the Earth and our Galactic Ancestors and there are many, many responses and answers that can be received by a visitor. The response we get is often based on personal frequency, vibration, past life experiences, mediumship capacity, connection to nature and more, so pay attention and remain in positive connection and intention. And remember that being ignored at these places is a part of your lesson as well, so respect that nothing that happens in such places is a coincidence.

Sacred spaces have an energy template that reaches into the Soul to help us grow and change, and it is an honour to visit such places, and I am very thankful that the Elders still allow us to visit and engage with these amazing galleries… Lets hope that continues!


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