The Whales Share Their Medicine and Help Us Remember Who We Are

The Whales share their Medicine as they migrate north, and each of them is helping us to remember our inner sounds and activate the codes held within our DNA.

the whales share their medicine to help us rememberEach day the whales are sharing their medicine into our human collective consciousness, breaching and playing as they move towards warmer waters. One day I counted 73 whales, but most days I see around 30. It is heartwarming to see these giants of the sea move so graciously and joyfully as they travel along, and they are of course powerful ‘medicine’ to connect with.

In the Medicine Cards, the whales are considered the ancient record keepers. They carry the history of Mother Earth, and an ancient connection to Sirius, and they have seen and remembered all. So, the whales are a swimming library, an embodied collection of knowledge that moves with great grace, and power, up and down the waters of this planet.

The Whales share their medicine though the Sounds they make: 

The whales also help us engage with the encoded wisdom in our DNA, so that we may understand and interact with sound frequencies. These frequencies contain knowledge, wisdom and healing energy, and when we are near them, activations of galactic memory can occur.

These activations also help us tap into the Universal Mind and Greater Consciousness. Their energy reaches into our DNA and psyches as well, and helps us re-connect with our inner melody, uniqueness and personal sound.

Do you know what your personal sound is? It is not a cry for help, or a call for connection. It is the voice of the Power within you. It is the sound of your deepest being and Personal Medicine. If you want it, if you are searching for it, or if you have found it and want to energise it, then now is the perfect time to experience the ‘medicine’ of the whales

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