The Star Conjunction, the Solstice and the Awakening

The Star Conjunction and the December Solstice are Reaching into our Psyches

The star conjunction and the Solstice energies The Star conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter is aligning with the Sun and Celestial energies to help us awaken to the truth and remember who we are.

It is also happening at the time of the December Solstice, when a great build-up of cosmic energies reach their zenith point. At 9:02 pm tonight (my time) the Solstice occurs when the Sun reaches its most southerly excursion relative to the celestial equator. At the same time Saturn and Jupiter ‘conjunct’ and if your night sky is clear, you will potentially see them shining very brightly, so close together, that they appear to be one large illuminated Star.

the star conjunction approaches in the night skyThis illuminated ‘Star’ is so big and so bright that it taps into one of our collective mythologies that has been celebrated throughout the world for thousands of years in stories, songs, hymns and rituals. The most well-known aspect of this story is how a very bright star became a beacon for three wise, rich, or powerful men to find a new born baby and offer it their gifts. In the Christian religion, the star conjunction is known as the Star of Bethlehem and there are three wise men, who were led by the light of the ‘Star‘, to find the birthplace of baby Jesus – also known as ‘the new born king’. This is powerful mythology, with strong archetypal imprinting, that has resonated in our Collective Astral fields and Archetypal DNA for thousands of years and links back to the development of the patriarchal system as well as the veiling/hiding of our inner Christ Consciousness.

the connection between the The Star conjunction and medieval era It also taps into a historic era that was a time of great change for humanity and had profound effects on the collective psyche, which in some ways mirrors what is happening for us today. While Saturn and Jupiter have a near meeting in the sky every twenty or so years, the last time this particular alignment took place was in the 12th Century, during the Medieval Era which began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The Medieval period was a time of the collapse of central authority, technological and agricultural innovation, feudalism, climate change, sprouting of kingdoms, the crusades, the development of universities, scholasticism, and linking faith to reason; as well as a strong focus on theology, religious art and architecture. Towards the end of the period there was famine, plague, pestilence, the black death, revolts by the peasants, schisms with the Catholic Church and the death of many due to heresy trials and the Inquisition.

Time of Profound Change Mirrored in the Star Conjunction

It was a time of potent change in the medical, spiritual and religious understanding within the community, which is similar to what we are collectively experiencing now, and if you have seen any of the artwork and stories from that time you will have noticed that there was also a lot going on in the sky at that time too, with regular sightings of angels, lights and UFOs in the heavens, as well as the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction… all of which was resonating in the psyche of the people then and is resonating within many people at this time in our collective awakening.

The Star Conjunction in the night skyAs the cosmic push continues to help us awaken and remember, and cleanse/heal our collective astral fields and archetypal DNA, the movements and energetic influences of celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and others – that we are all intrinsically linked into – are helping us to grow and change. They are reminding us to cleanse the shadow and embody the light; go within to find the truth; and take steps towards becoming our own inner king and queen – rather than to keep looking without for answers and searching for the heroic saviour.

Profound times and profound impulses reaching us from the heavens… so tonight when the Solstice happens, and the Star conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter takes place, take a breath, breathe in the light… look at the Sun, and watch the bright star in the night sky….and remember!!!

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