Christ Consciousness Meditation for the Epiphany

‘Meditation for the Epiphany’
led by Paulina Howfield on the 6th January 2021

A Meditation for the Epiphany to: a) Connect listeners to the Christ Consciousness within; b) Awaken the inner Self as ‘Christ in Action’; and 3) Activate the filaments in the DNA and Light-Body.

 It will ALSO assist in reclaiming cosmic memory; staying centred; and releasing fears.

Thank you Paulina! That was beautiful and powerful – I could feel my cells changing and light of Christ consciousness healing!

Christ activation meditation for the epiphany image

This Meditation for the Epiphany was created by Paulina Howfield to coincide with the January 6th day of celebration, as it has an ancient connection to the ‘seeding’ of Christ Consciousness in the body of the Earth and the collective consciousness of Humanity.

As the experience of individual and collective awakening to ‘All That Is’ unfolds, Paulina believes that each of us will benefit from reclaiming deep cosmic memory, and remembering what this Consciousness actually seeds within us and why, and this 30 minutes Meditation for the Epiphany was designed to assist that.

In the first eight minutes of this audio, Paulina briefly shares information about the geomantic knowledge behind the Epiphany, and the esoteric meaning and energy of Christ Consciousness, that she has discovered in her own journey of deep cosmic remembering; and her many decades of working as a clairvoyant geo-mythic interpreter, esoteric mapmaker, Earth energy specialist, grid engineer and lightworker.

If you just want to do the Meditation for the Epiphany and not listen to the esoteric information, the Meditation starts at 8mins.15sec. You can listen to the Meditation at this link

Paulina Howfield focuses on Re-connecting with Soul via Personal and Planetary Healing and regularly leads meditation journeys, runs workshops and delivers talks. She offers consultations in land healing, earth consciousness, remote and hands-on-healing, and art and soul therapies.

If you are interested in finding out how she can help you, see her land consultations, visit her healing therapy pages and read this blog about healing therapies. You can also contact her by email to discuss a consultation, and connect with her on facebook where you will find out more about her work and interests. You can also sign up for her newsletter, listen to her cosmic conversations and talks to learn more about energy in the land; energetic imbalances in the heart, mind and body, and what you can do to cleanse, heal and repair them.

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