Esoteric and Shamanic Training

All of the Esoteric and Shamanic Training Workshops offered at Matrix Harmonics focus on the many different ways to enter the rhythms, sounds and consciousness of the invisible world.

Matrix Harmonics courses that focus on esoteric and shamanic training include: the two day ‘Pathways to the Stars’ workshop; the one day or weekend workshop, learning how to Sing with the Angels’; the workshops that are part of the EECT training and teach how to ‘Interact Clairvoyantly with the Earth’; and the shaman workshop that focuses on how to ‘Develop Urban Shamanism’. All these workshop and others that we can create for you will help you and your students continue the journey to remembering ‘Who you are, where you came from and why you are here’,

These esoteric and shamanic training workshops can help you learn, grow and develop on your physical and metaphysical journey. To learn more, or make a booking for an esoteric and shamanic training workshop or other training programme go to:

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