Techniques for Opening the Third Eye

Techniques for Opening the Third Eye

Techniques for Opening the Third Eye

OPENING THE THIRD EYE – Consciousness is very clever and when the blueprint for our human bodies was being created everything we would need to have a spiritual connection to the Earth and the cosmos was placed within our physical and etheric bodies. One of these places is our Third Eye – which is physically located just above the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows. So to facilitate your connection to these sounds and rhythms awaken and activate your third eye. The third eye can be stimulated simply by applying pressure with your fingers to the area and gently rubbing it on a regular basis. It is also greatly affected by the breath – see I told you consciousness was clever.

So find a quiet place to sit, where you can physically connect your feet with the Earth for grounding, and take your attention to the third eye.

Imagine it opening – like flower petals on a summers day – and imagine breathing in through that area, deep into your lungs.

Hold this breath and let it stay inside your lungs for as long as you can. When you can hold no longer exhale the air quickly. Next time you breathe imagine exhaling the air out of the third eye and then continue, setting up circular breathing via your third eye.

*Do this only a few times when you first begin, until you get used to the sensation it brings with it.

*Do it a maximum of ten times.

*Close the third eye when you have finished – imagine the petals closing over on a flower in the evening.

*Always ground yourself afterwards.

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