Opening the Third Eye Part 2


Opening The Third Eye can happen in an instant, but for most of us it takes time and practice to facilitate this happening

Techniques for opening the third eye

Opening the Third Eye

It’s been a week since the post on March 7th with suggestions/techniques as to how to start opening the third eye, and or activate it. If you have practiced or tried them at all, you will probably have had some interesting things happening in your third eye area. You may have had a buzzing sensation, or possibly a twinge like response to certain things that happen in your daily life. Or perhaps you are feeling a connection with this part of your body in relation to the people you meet, the things that you hear or to things that you do.

As I wrote before – ‘Consciousness is very clever and when the blueprint for our human bodies was being created everything we would need to have a spiritual connection to the Earth and the cosmos was placed within our physical and etheric bodies, and our third eye this is just one place in our bodies. If you develop and work with it over the next month, you will start to recognise other places in your body that have a connection.

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