‘Shift: A 5th Dimensional Approach to Relationships’

Malana Ashlie has a new book called Shift: a 5th Dimensional Approach to Relationships – exactly what is needed in the days, weeks and months ahead

As we more fully enter the peaceful and loving energies of the higher dimensions, Malana tells us that we need a 5th dimensional approach to relationships that helps us develop the ability to let go and move into being fully present and loving in our relationship with the self and others.

A 5th Dimensional approach to relationships

A 5th Dimensional approach to relationships

Available at Amazon Malana’s book offers wisdom and techniques that can be applied to all your relationships. Whether it is with your neighbours, nations, friends or families you can learn simple, effective ways to create 5th dimensional approaches for positive interactions that are not based on power, fear, struggle and competition. This book will also teach you how to have a 5th dimensional approach to the relationship you have with your inner self.

Malana was one of the winners of the Ganesh image – and she says her work is infused with the energy and wisdom of Ganesh. May the power of Ganesh get behind all us writers, creators and thinkers! To purchase her book go to: http://www.amazon.com/Shift-dimensional-approach-Relationships-Neighbors/dp/1479393681

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