Determination and will power, but no spatial awareness!

Determination and Will power aren’t the only things we need

While having determinaton and will power can enable us to solve all sorts of problems in life and continue to aim high no matter what, this video perfectly highlights that this is not all we need to be successful.

In this scenario, spatial awareness would have helped both of these people realise that the sofa they were trying to get into the car simply would not fit, no matter how much determination and willpower they used. The car is simply too small.

Knowing when to give up, would have been a useful skill in this scenario, as the couple would have realised sooner that trying to fit the sofa into the car was simply impossible.

Also, considering another solution to the problem would have saved them some time, a few bumps and bruises and serious head scratching.

Some personal awareness would probably also have helped in this situation, as the couple simply would have realised that this was a problem sooner and perhaps made a call to someone with a bigger vehicle, or simply not continued with the struggle.

This is a perfect example of determination, struggle and will to succeed. Coupled with no spatial awareness!!!

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