June Solstice at 2015


Solstice ceremonies help us connect to the cosmos at monuments like Gavrinis

As the 21st June Solstice approaches, the heavenly bodies are getting closer to that moment in time when the SUN reaches its zenith point to the celestial equator, which marks the actual June Solstice. Our ancient forebears from the Neolithic and Megalithic eras were great astronomers and knew all about the movements of the Sun and Moon – almost all their constructions display this knowledge at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox and at the December and June Solstice.

Ceremonies and Rituals

To honour the June Solstice and our connection to the Sun/Moon – our ancestors performed ceremonies and rituals to help them – connect to the natural world; link their energies to those of the heavenly bodies; and maintain the energy templates at each of these sites. The megalithic monument at Gavrinis (a small island in the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany, France) beautifully displays their wisdom, skill and connection to the cosmos. This monument is closely connected to those at Brú na Boínne (Newgrange, Ireland) and Maes Howe (Orkney). While you may not be able to visit them in 3D at this time, you can link into them by viewing and meditating on photos. Enjoy!

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