Develop Clairvoyance this Solstice

Why not link with the Cosmic Energies of the 21st June to Develop Clairvoyance this Solstice?

develop clairvoyance this solstice Why not connect with it to develop your Intuition and cultivate your Clairvoyant Self? They have great BS monitors and can feel the truth and HOLD it in times of change and chaos.

As the world around us continues to change and the shadow of our collective keeps coming up for cleansing and healing we need to become our own wise counsel, and follow the path of peace.

It’s important that we each remember that there is no enemy but that which we ‘perceive’ to be real. We also need to more fully realise that our thoughts and perceptions are not real, that they are actually projections and illusions.

Counsel, counsel, counsel! And use this time to receive wise counselling from the Earth, the Sun and our Cosmos – They clarify how to connect and let go of the need to separate, live in fear and have power over. There is no-thing and nothing that can be taken away.

So this Solstice and Full moon why not uses the energies to Change your beliefs – get out in nature, meditate with the Earth, connect with earth energies and let the Earth teach you who you are and what you really need.

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