Paying Attention to Our EMOTIONS

Paying attention to our Emotions is another part of our journey to personal and spiritual understanding.

This is because paying attention to our emotions helps us understand more of who we are, and what we are attuning to.

Emotions are just like thoughts, they are not who we are, and they are not ‘ours’. They are simply energy in motion – passing through – that we have chosen to identify with.

Why are our Emotions Important?

It may be our experiences, our beliefs, our thoughts, and the patterns of our DNA that influence how we engage with our Emotions, but it is our BELIEF that we ARE them, that keeps them ‘running’ in our lives.

Our minds, egos and bodies like to take ownership. These are mine! They are familiar! This is how it’s always been! I cannot possibly forget! I will not let go! And so on.

Pay Attention to your Emotions

paying attention to your emotions helps you understand who you are

So Watch your Emotions as they pass you by, Feel your Emotions as they pass you by, Breathe out your Emotions as they pass you by, and ask yourself – If I am not my Emotions and I am not my Thoughts and I am not my Body – WHO AM I?

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