Using the Sun to Help Visualise Change

Using the Sun to help Visualise Change Can Help us Release Old Patterns and Understand our Relationship to Energy

Image of the sun at sunset taken by Paulina Howfield

Meditate for Change with The SUN

The Sun is such a powerful force to help us change and grow and can help us understand the qualities of movement in our inner world. So I thought that I would share a brief visualisation that you can consider as you look at the Sun setting, either in this photo image I took, or via the Sun in the sky over the next few days:

Begin by visualising the Sun as just one member of a huge group of stars that are swirling in the massive pinwheel shape of the Milky Way. Then draw yourself out of this pinwheel of light and into the spiralling of your own DNA’s double helix.

As you do this, consider how you move in and through the world. Are you led by your genetic patterns, the beliefs of others, or perhaps your inherited fears? Do you feel held back, or pushed forward by your lineage, or maybe you feel awash or adrift in a massive universe? Use the energy of the Sun to help you heal, cleanse and clear anything you feel you wish to.

Then consider what kind of reaction you create with the energy you send into the universe. What words would you use to describe the way you move through both the material and spiritual worlds? Do you shine your light? Do you soak up the light of others? Do you constantly bounce of others, or reflect their light and forget your own?

Finally – are your movements compatible with your Soul? Are they compatible with the Shift we are all experiencing? Engage with the Sun, in such a way, for at least one month and notice the changes within and around you. Let its energies infuse your mind, body, spirit and soul with its light, and give yourself permission to dance in the energy of transformation as you move ‘in’ the light.

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