We are not our thoughts, yet they influence us in every moment!

In spiritual practise it is important to understand that we are not our thoughts.

In order to fully recognise the influence our thoughts have on our daily life, we need to pay attention to them as often as possible and in every moment. This helps develop our awareness and brings our inner and outer worlds into alignment.

Start by ‘noticing’ or paying attention when you wake up after a sleep – What are the first thoughts you have? Then notice while at work what you think of as you do your tasks.

We Are Not Our Thoughts

We are not our thoughts

Pay attention when you interact with others and notice where your thoughts go. How well do you listen to the other person? Are you sorting out your answer, thinking of a clever repartee, or are you in the moment with them? Do your thoughts lead the conversation or do they distract you from being present?

Then notice while eating, when at play, while reading, while driving – while doing everything and anything. Pay attention and discover where your thoughts lead you and what they rest on. You may be surprised by the lanes and pathways your thoughts take.

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