Newsletter for July 2017 from Paulina Howfield/Matrix Harmonics

Hello and Welcome

As usual, I would like to extend a personal welcome to all the new people receiving this Newsletter for July 2017 and I look forward to a long relationship with you as we grow together.

I have been driving across the Top of Australia in the past few months, to visit two parts of this country that I haven’t seen – the Kimberleys in WA and Kakadu in NT – and it has been a long journey filled with some fantastic interactions with beautiful and rugged landscapes as well as some interesting people. After five days in Kakadu, tomorrow I drive towards the centre of this big land, before turning left to drive into north Queensland to head down to the Gold Coast to speak at the Paradigm Shift Summit in early August.

At the Summit, I will be discussing the Soul of the Earth, the Cosmic Agenda for Spiritual Awakening and my Earth Consciousness work and I think this journey has been a good way to cleanse the field, clear the decks and re-consider my mission within the bigger plan. I will also be speaking at the Transformational Shift Conference in Forster in October, and hope you can join me at one or more of them. To book tickets and find out more about what I am doing and who else is speaking see the links below.

Celestial Energy Effects

As I travelled across the country there were numerous full moons, an eclipse and some amazing sunsets. These celestial energies have been reaching into the deepest stagnation in our subtle bodies helping to cleanse and clear old issues and provide opportunity for deep change in the way we think, feel and behave. While some of these changes will not be consciously perceived for some years to come, often our bodies respond to such clear-outs with pain, tingles and weird sensations. If this has been happening to you, keep drinking lots of fresh water to flush out the old, investigate Magnesium, Silica and other minerals to assist your body and do your best to eat well and get enough rest.

EMFs and Technology

We live in a restless society these days and while we have so much technology that should be helping to make our lives easier, I look around and see more and more people becoming overwhelmed by what these technologies represent and the sense of ‘lack of time and energy’ that they enhance.

This is part of the greater plan and fits beautifully into the agenda for dumbing down our species and depressing our energy fields, so consider how much technology you really need and want in your life. Stop watching and listening to news – whether mainstream or not – and develop your intuitive and sensing skills. These are what you will need in the months and years ahead. Step out of the brain wash and become self aware NOW and it will make your journey easier. Also investigate and research ways to limit EMF frequencies in your fields and pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings and your body.

Article for Verandah Magazine about the Afterlife

near death experiences and the soulI have posted this link to my Article before, and have included it again, as it is some of what I spoke about at the Afterlife Conference and sums up what I truly believe about NDES as Activations of the SOUL, and how much governing our Soul does in each life we have. So here is the link again to Verandah Magazine, and the article is called ‘Sun, Surf and the Afterlife’. I am still grateful to have been asked to write it by the Magazine’s editor Candida Baker. She attended my talk and thought her readers would like what I talked about, so here is a link via my blog.

Travelling North


The landscape in the north of WA is stunning and the colours reach into the Soul. There are so many places that called out – Broome has a deeply healing energy, Purnululu or the Bungles is ancient and profound, the Gorges are always humbling as they teach about our insignficance in the greater plan, and some of the water ways in the Kimberleys and Kakadu are simply stunning.

I personally found the rock art in Ubirr and Nourlangie to be amongst my favourite. Western culture is so narcissistic, that most messages we create on stones, identifies our need to be seen, heard and individually recognised. What we write/draw is not about the need of the community, or helping others, and is usually something like ‘John was here’ or ‘MG loves BC’. But finding beautiful artwork on rocks, that identifies what is present in the area – good food, good water, good weather; or the spirits we need to beware of; and the teachings that are shared in the stories, highlights to me how far we have moved away from what our ancient cultures can still teach us….if we let them! And as for the 6,000 or more images that are inscribed on the rocks on the Burrup Peninsular near Dampier, they are magnificent and I truly hope that they will not be lost like so many were, as the quest for mining and finding materials in the Earth became the norm.

I have of course put some of my images of these places up on my facebook page which you can access at paulina howfield. I also plan to use many of the images for greeting cards, earth energy healing decks, and as inspiration for future art images. So over the next few years you will get to see lots in all sorts of ways and via numerous mediums. 

Sessions in Wellness for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul 

Wellness for the mind, body and soulI have been offering Personal Sessions in Wellness for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul for many years and they can be tailored to suit individual needs. Earlier this year, I was asked if I work with people to help them understand their contact with beings from other places, and as I have done so quietly for many years, I thought it was time to ‘put that out there’ so I have created new brochures and a new page under my ‘therapies’ listing on my website that is called ‘Wellness for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul’. You can read this page to get an idea of how these sessions can be tailored for your unique needs, and I also explain how they can help with depression, anxiety, past life recall and more. I have recently added testimonials to this page as well. You can view this page here.

Healing Room of the SUN Journey Process

Earth Healing at Machu Picchu CD

‘Healing Room of the SUN Journey Process’ – is a meditation process I put on CD back in 2010. I was prompted to do so by my galactic and ET friends – after the Sun opened a healing room to help us change our frequencies, raise our awareness and prepare for the upcoming changes and a deeper understanding of our connection to the SUN. This Process, my Book and my Soul Whispers Cards will all be available to buy at the Conferences and as I recently sent one of my products to the US without any hitches, I am now very happy to say, that you can purchase them via paypal.

Speaking at Conferences

As I wrote earlier, I am speaking at two Conferences in August and October, and I hope you or your friends can join me:

The PARADIGM SHIFT SUMMIT takes place on the Gold Coast from 5th-7th August. I am very happy to be speaking at this event and hope that you can join us. This will be filled with speakers who are at the cutting edge of our changing consciousness, and I am humbled to be included. To find out more go to You can also join their community page on facebook to stay up to date with everything about it.

 The TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFT CONFERENCE will be in      Forster, NSW from 6th – 8th October. This Conference is being created by TOLEC who is connected to the wisdom from the Andromeda Council. He is based in the US and creates Conferences there, so it’s great to see him bringing his expertise and information to this part of the world. I am also very happy to be speaking at this conference and hope you can join us. To find out more about this Conference and book tickets go to

Facebook Pages

You can also join me on facebook to see regular updates about these Conferences and other things that I post. You can join me at paulinahowfieldpersonal and planetaryhealing or at my latest edition to facebook – theearthwhisperer – I look forward to your company.

You can click on these links to find out more about my booksoul whispers cardshealing room CD and artwork.

My sessions are also now available via skype and you can send me a personal message to discuss this on facebook, or via email on my contact page at

As I have been travelling a lot of late this is a great way to have sessions. I have also been doing a significant amount of remote viewing, land clearing and space cleansing for people as well, so if you need these services please give me a call or message me, and we can discuss how I can help you.

Recent Blogs and RSS Feed

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How Can I Help?

As an old starseed, esoteric map-maker I came in to help prepare the energies – which I have done for many years. I also came in to hold the frequencies and provide support as the bulk of the changes occur. This is happening now and many of us who have been quietly doing our thing are being prodded to let others know that we are there if needed. So, I am here and I am doing my best to Answer the Call. If you would like to discuss anything with me, please contact me.

Till the next Newsletter may your heart be filled with unconditional love and may each day bring you closer to total soul recall



Paulina has trained in numerous traditional and esoteric disciplines including education, psychotherapy, art therapy, counselling, shamanism, healing, psychic development, mediumship and space clearing. For over twenty five years she has interacted with individuals, businesses and organisations in a training and consultancy capacity, while also travelling the world interacting and working metaphysically with Earth energies and beings in other realms. She runs Tours and Pilgrimages to sacred places, is an Earth Energy Consultant, Art Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Workshop Leader, Author and Public Speaker.

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