Interacting With Our Soul at Solstice

Incorporating the Energy of our Soul at Solstice

Sun at Solstice

Interacting with our Soul at Solstice, helps us interact with high frequency celestial energies for deeper spiritual understanding. The Solstice is a time when the energies of the Sun are at a point of change. It heralds either the shortest or longest day of the year and a change of season. At a very basic level it is about Light – how much Light we can access every day from the Sun; and how can we use that Light to cleanse our subtle bodies, release our inner shadow, and build our light quotient.

Our Soul is a Light Body and is the essence of who we are. So if we interact with the wisdom of our Soul at Solstice, we can harness Light more easily, use that Light to cleanse our own particular shadow or unconscious aspects, and build our energetic light Quotient in harmony with Soul based wisdom.

What Are You Avoiding?

At this particular Solstice, we are also being affected by the retrograde energies of Mercury, where our Souls are prompting us to attend to anything within us that we have as yet avoided, ignored or been asleep to.

We can help these celestial energies move through us and create more light in our frequencies by developing a Soul based intention.

So ask your Soul – What am I avoiding? What am I ignoring? What do I need to wake up to? Take note of the answers you receive and commit to working at a Soul level to cleanse, heal and en’light’en your energy field.

The answers you require, or the prompts that you need, may come via an unexpected encounter with a person, an animal or a guide. Or they may come via a reminder of an old pattern, an old belief, or an outdated behaviour that you recognise and know well in your personal journey.

As the answers manifest, take note of these messages from your Soul, and use them as a trigger to help you embrace change, cleanse your field and lift your frequencies to higher dimensions.

Soul Whispers Cards Can help Us Too

Interacting with Soul at Solstice

Soul Whispers Card readings help us interact with Soul

You could also take yourself back to the ‘Beginning’ – as prompted by the card I pulled from my Soul Whispers Cards. It tells us – ‘When I’m confused and uncertain it is the story of the Beginning that brings me back to centre’.

Our Beginnings lead us to the stars and the cosmos – the heavenly bodies and celestial energies that we are all made of. Connecting with our Beginning – who we are, and where we come from – we link into our Soul Truth. A truth that is so profound and so sovereign that we cannot ignore it or look elsewhere for answers.

Our Soul knows who we are, it knows why we came here, it knows what we came to learn, it knows what we came to embrace and it knows what we need to let go of. It also knows how to work in harmony with all that is happening on this planet at this time.

So as the Solstice approaches, let your Soul be your guide, let its wisdom resonate in your subtle bodies and let it help you do whatever it needs at this time

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