Creating Labyrinths On Your Land

Creating Labyrinths On Your Land Helps You Connect With The Earth And The Invisible Realms

When we become ‘guardians’ of land we are often asked by the devic energies, angelic beings and the Earth herself to create a symbol of some kind to activate, elevate, cleanse and balance the land.

creating labyrinths on your land

In my land healing and space clearing consultations I create Medicine Wheels, Labyrinths, Atlantean Designs and Cosmic Symbols on people’s land, and then activate and bless them. These symbols help cleanse and balance the land, and are also great places to do ceremony and ritual. Each symbol, wheel or labyrinth will have a unique interaction with the land and the people who visit.

When we create Labyrinths they draw higher dimensional energies directly down into their telluric or 2D pathways where energy flows. (This is why Labyrinths are often placed at sacred sites)

When we walk in labyrinths we can have profound spiritual experiences – As we walk along the pathways we access the higher vibrations, and also interact with the innate telluric energies. Because they draw energies up and pull energies down, our chakras are activated, and our subtle bodies are cleansed.

The action of walking-in and walking-out bridges the energies of our mind and body, helping to open and activate our energy fields at the same time as awakening our cellular memory of the geometry that holds our bodies in form.

creating labyrinths on your land

If you have some land that you are a spiritual guardian of, and you want to honour the elements, devic and angelic realms, and the Earth herself, why not consider creating a symbol, wheel or labyrinth that you and your visitors can interact with. You will help create harmony on the land, and develop your relationship with the invisible realms. You can find out how to do these online, or you can contact me for advice and/or assistance.

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