December Newsletter

December Newsletter for Paulina Howfield and Matrix Harmonics

It’s almost the end of December and this past year has been filled with energetic influences that have helped raise our personal frequencies, and enabled each of us to experience deep soul growth. Its nearly the first day of a new year and all that 2018 will offer ( see below), but before I talk about what the new year is bringing energetically, I wanted to acknowledge the profound Solstice that we have just experienced, share some links to recent interviews and talks, and let you know that I am making two days available for personal sessions while I am in Rye for the Star Family Gathering. I will also be joining Julian Kaufmann in his 100 day Gong Meditation Journey from the 1st of January (see below). Before you scroll down, I also want to thank each of you for joining me on my journey as I travel around whispering with the Earth, and learning what she can teach us about who we are, where we come from and why we are here.

As I have spoken this year at different gatherings, people have come up afterwards to thank me for sharing the wisdom of the Earth. A good number of those have told me they felt a Grandmother energy coming through me. I am humbled at this prospect and recognise the responsibility that comes with it. I endeavour to always check with the Earth for her truth and share only what I am asked to and make sure that it is relevant for NOW.  Who we are and what we do is reflected always by our intentions, our actions and our integrity. I feel so blessed to have the relationship I do with the Earth and our Cosmos….and in the weeks, months and years ahead, I wish that you too will experience the joy and deep connection to consciousness that such a relationship brings.

The Solstice

Sun at Solstice

The Solstice energies on the 21st/22nd December had a strong influence on our subtle bodies, that continues at the moment. It coincided with the Geminid Meteor Shower and the ongoing Mercury Retrograde, providing a powerful prompt to change and live at a deeper connection with our Soul and potential for 5d Expression. I did a Solstice ceremony with some friends that cleared the old and set in the new in harmony with our Soul. If you wish to read a post I recently put up about this here is the link – Soul At Solstice

Recent Interviews

In October I spoke about my near death experiences on the Witching Hour at 4zzzFM. You can Listen to interview here and I spoke about my ‘Near Death Experience and Soul Triggers’ at the Afterlife Studies Group in Brisbane

On the 4th December I spoke with Nyck Jeanes on Bay FM about my work with Earth Energies and my book ‘Remembering Isis – Reconnecting the Divine Feminine at the Goddess Temples of Malta’ (you can find our conversation at about the 9.50 time mark). Listen to interview here

On the 15th December I spoke on Alive and Live with Lisa D Evers about my near death experience, the afterlife, past lives and consciousness. It is about an hour long, with a big Ad in the middle. You can download it and have a listen when you get time. There is a sound issue on this recording – which is also mentioned by the interviewer. It seems that my frequencies messed up their sound recording system – I hope you will persevere: Listen to interview here

Happy New Year

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and I thank you for your company as we travel this journey of life together. If you haven’t connected with me on facebook, please do, either on my personal page, my author page or at theearthwhisperer

2018 in numerology, is an ’11’ year. It holds a Universal Frequency, is a Master Number, and connects us to the symbolism of Shambhala.

Master Numbers possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in our life. They resonate with intense, high vibrational frequency that works within the etherial, magical and transcendental realms of creation, so the year ahead holds great potential for us as a species; as a collective consciousness; and as individuals.

As we continue on our journey towards spiritual liberation, the number 11 provides a clear channel to our subconscious, and this is the part of us that needs to be cleansed and full of light. It is now time to permanently clear the shadow of our subconscious behaviours; cleanse our programmed thinking patterns; and heal our unconscious emotional issues.

This is of course not new ‘News’ and for many of us who have been involved in healing and clearing energy fields for many years, there is a sense of having been ready for these changes for a long time…but we are a collective consciousness, not just a group of individuals, and in full Bodhisattvic teachings – we cannot move forward as a collective until the last person is ripe; ready for the change; embracing the change; and living the change.

So 2018 leads us closer to having the experiences on Earth that we have been waiting for. It will help more of us wake up and cleanse our fields; it will be  a year filled with a lot of powerful celestial energies; it will be a time when we recognise more of our cosmic nature; and is a year filled with 365 days  when our collective subtle bodies resonates with the vibration of the Sanskrit word – Shambala.


Shambala 2018

The word ‘Shambhala’ resonates to the Master Number 11 in numerology… and is the perfect word to help us embrace the greater potential of our Universal 11 Year.

We are being primed to remember who we are, to remember how beautiful the world feels when we experience our lives through our hearts and how when we choose to create Shambhala in everything we do, we awaken the best in ourselves and inspire others to do the same

So this year each of us has the FREEDOM in our hearts/minds to choose to experience Heaven here on Earth, a place of Shambhala. We have the choice to live our lives being kind to one another, to live in harmony with the Earth and to be in service to something greater than us. What a great omen for the next 365 days and I wish each of you well as you continue your journey.

Mastering Meditation

In January, Julian E. Kaufmann, spiritual teacher and author of ‘Let it Go, Let it Flow’ is starting a ‘100 day Power Gong Mastering Meditation’ and he has asked me to participate in it and lead a morning meditation. In psychology we say that if we do something for thirty days it becomes a habit that is hard to break. So if we do this for 100 days we should be well and truly permanently resonating at a different frequency. I hope you can join us for that. Here is the link to the meditation group Prime Mover Group

Star Family Conference

Star Family Conference

In the first weekend in February 2018, I will be speaking at the Star Family Conference in Rye in Victoria. It is promising to be a great gathering with an interesting group of speakers and I am happy to talk about how we can Develop our Galactic Consciousness, and also run a three hours workshop where I teach how to access galactic consciousness and cosmic archetypes, and then travel to the stars to connect with your galactic memories.

I will also be speaking on the Sunday evening panel and attending the dinner, and hope to see you there.

Plus I am taking bookings in the two days after the Conference for healing or past life sessions, soul retrievals, energy alignments, remote viewing or land clearing. You can contact me by email or phone for any of these, but do book in soon, as there are limited places.

Driving through ‘Country’

First though I will drive slowly down to Melbourne from the northern rivers area in New South Wales. I will be playing ‘tourist’ a bit and will also catch up with some friends along the way. Then I will have a few days at the haunted Buchan Caves interacting with whatever energies present themselves.

After nearly five weeks of sleeping under the stars, walking over the land, and using a tripod to take photos of the moon and constellations, I should be deeply connected to the energies of the Earth and her cosmos – ready to share more with you about the current changes we are experiencing as well as more wisdom for the ancient ones.


Art Image for Sale 'Medicine Healing I' by Paulina Howfield

Medicine Healing I

If you are interested in any of my products – ‘books’, ‘soul whispers cards’, ‘meditation CDs’, or my ‘Artwork‘ – please go to my website ( and click on the ‘products’ header and see the drop down menu. If you wish to find out more about my healing, art therapy and energy sessions check out the drop down menus under the header ‘therapies‘ or ‘esoterica‘.


Here are links to recent Blogs that I have written that may be of interest to you. Plus there are numerous Articles you can read – many that I wrote when I was the London Correspondent for Sedona Magazine:



That’s all for now. I send many Blessings to you all for a happy holiday season and a joyfully transformative 2018

Paulina xx

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