Working With Nature Spirits on the Land

Working with Nature Spirits on the land is important and helps us create healthy and harmonious landscapes and habitats

If you haven’t done it before, now is the time to start harmoniously interacting with the Nature Spirits on your land

image of nature spirits in rocksWhen we live on land, when we work with land, and when we are guardians of the land, it is important to create a harmonious relationship with the devic energies present and interact with them to find out where they live and what they need from us.

Then, if we create structures, make water storage areas, place gardens or plant trees on the land, the Nature Spirits will be the guides of this process and we can create habitats and spaces that are in balance with the nature devas and the cosmic forces.

We can also then be sure that we have not destroyed any of their habitats. This is common practice in Iceland. When a new building is to be created, or a new corporate development constructed, the government and construction crews interact and work with the elves, dwarves and faeries. Maps get drawn and any new building must take into account the homes and communities of the little folk.

Maybe you are not creating harmonious interactions with the Nature Spirits that occupy the same space as you because you don’t know how

So How Do We Tune Into Nature Spirits?

Here is just one way. For anyone who has never done this before, be patient and open hearted and it works really well:

Interacting with nature spirits When you are walking on the land, or sitting quietly, keep your heart field open, and notice what you feel, see and hear. Notice what you are hearing, experiencing and sensing …wind rushing in the trees, birds calling out or flying past, the sound of water running, or animals moving about. Take note of anything at all, as this is the natural world communicating with you and encouraging you to attune to it.

Then call out to the Nature Spirits – either in your mind, your heart, or with your voice and introduce yourself – as you would if you were talking to a person you just met, a new baby, or your dog. Tell them who you are and why you are on the land. Let them know what you intend to do and why. Then tell them you would like to have a relationship with them, and keep communicating with them.

Some of the devas are shy and they need to trust you before they will communicate in ways that you are familiar with, so persevere on a regular basis and gradually they will begin to share their energy and their presence with you and you will develop a profound relationship that will be in harmony with them… it will also be one of the most delightful relationships you will ever have.

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