Evidence of The Divine Feminine

Evidence of the Divine Feminine is everywhere, we just need to know where to look

Its not just present in the land, or statues, or buildings or books, but also in the people we meet…both men and women…..because the Divine Feminine is the universal and inherent energy that is the counterpart of the Divine Masculine within all humankind that manifests through an individual’s thoughts, actions and beliefs

Image of Isis as the Divine FeminineThroughout history, the story of ‘her’ – the Divine Feminine – has been ignored, denigrated, mis-represented and ridiculed, and often, in the modern western world, men who are at peace with their Divine Feminine are considered weak, passive and boring, while women are who are embracing the strength of their Divine Feminine are considered domineering, promiscuous or power hungry.

This is why I wrote about the Pilgrimage to meet the inner Divine Feminine in my book – ‘Remembering Isis – Reconnecting the Divine Feminine at the Goddess Temples of Malta‘.

While my Pilgrimage, to meet the inner divine Feminine, is a spiritual undertaking that involves interacting with the Consciousness of the Earth and learning from her archetypal and geo-mythic imprints, there are many ways to embrace the divine feminine and she can come forward within each of us at any time to help us change our thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Just because our mythologies, our expressions, our behaviours, and our media have it all upside down and roundabout, it doesn’t mean that the Divine Feminine is not a good thing and is not present everywhere.

In my ‘world’ I come across women and men who are beautifully expressing their Divine Feminine all the time – whether at work or play, in relationships, in friendships and more. Every day and in every moment they step out of the programming, the forgetfulness and the loss of soul that living without accessing the innate Divine Feminine encourages.


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