Sun Visualization to Heal Ancestral Patterns

The Sun is such a powerful force to help us change and grow, and a Sun Visualisation to connect to its Light, can help us understand and heal our ancestral patterns.

As we head towards the full moon on the 13th, it is a great time to re-connect with the Light of the Sun to help us stay in balance.

The Sun Visualization:

(I am sharing this galactic Sun visualization that I do, to help you cleanse your DNA and Heal your Ancestral Patterns via the energies of the Sun)

Begin by visualizing the Sun as just one member of a huge group of stars that are swirling in the massive pinwheel shape of the Milky Way. Then draw yourself out of this pinwheel of light and into the spiralling of your own DNA’s double helix. From this place, out in the galaxies, muse on these questions:

  • Am I led by my genetic patterns?

  • Are any of my fears inherited?

  • Am I influenced by the beliefs of others?

  • Are any of my belief systems part of my ancestral lineage?

  • Do I feel held back, or pushed forward by my lineage?

Consider how you move in and through the world, and use the energy of the Sun to help you heal, cleanse and clear anything you feel you wish to. Next in this Sun Visualization consider: 

  • What kind of reaction do I create with the energy I send into the universe

  • What words would I use to describe the way I move through both the material and spiritual worlds?

  • Do I  feel awash or adrift in a massive universe?

  • Do I shine my Light?

  • Am I a beacon of Light?

  • Do I soak up the Light of others?

  • Do I constantly bounce off others, or reflect their Light and forget your own?

  • Is my relationship with the Light compatible with my Soul Path?

  • Is my relationship with the Light compatible with the Shift we are all experiencing?

Image of sun for sun vizualization processEngage with the Sun, every day and do a sun visualization. Let its energies infuse your mind, body, spirit and soul with its Light, and give yourself permission to dance in the energy of transformation as you move ‘in’ the Light. Do this for at least one month and notice the changes within and around you.


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