Communicating With Animals

Psychically Communicating With Animals

When I am out in nature, I am always psychically communicating with animals, birds, trees and stones. Due to my openness and willingness to communicate with them, they reach out to connect with me. I am always respectful to them, and I listen and we converse.

They may tell me about their role in maintaining the eco-system of the area; or explain the intricacies of the subtle energies where they reside. Often we chat about their health or well-being, and I will do what I can to help them if required. Our conversations may be short, direct and to the point, or long, complex and articulate. It all depends on the personality of the living being I am communicating with.

Our Pet’s Communicate Too

It is exactly the same when I am communicating with animals that have close human interactions and live as ‘pets’ in people’s lives. In these instances I may be a visitor to a home, or I have been contacted specifically to help the humans help their pet – although often the truth is, that the interaction is actually to help the pet help their human. It may be a bird, rabbit, gecko, fish, cat, horse or dog. Whatever the form the ‘being’ has taken, I will listen to them, converse respectfully, find out what their issue is, and then do whatever I can to help.

If I’m called to help with a pet it is usually when the pet is 1) sick or dying, 2) off their food, 3) behaving differently, or 4) has been injured in some way. Then I use my skills either in person or via remote viewing, to start communicating with the animal to find out what has happened, and/or what is wrong, and thereby establish what they need for themselves or their humans.

What Does Communicating With Animals Involve?

Much of the time when communicating with animals, I find that they will share information via feelings, symbols or images, and they will show in their mind what the issue is. Some will also actually speak telepathically and I will hear their voice, and it does also involve paying attention to non-verbal cues. But I find there aren’t really any absolutes as to how they will share as each animal may communicate differently – just like we do – and how they do it, is not relative to their species, but more to each animal’s own personality. Once I have established what their issue is, and or what they need, I facilitate effective communication between the animal and the human to help them share what they need and want; and also provide healing for the animal and for the humans.

One of the animals I helped was a dog called Tyson, who is now on the ‘other side’. He recently asked me to share my story with you (see below). He says that people need to know how to communicate with their animals, because just like us, many animals want to be given the chance to complete unfinished business and fulfil their unique mission before they leave. Knowing how to facilitate this for them involves us 1) respectfully and effectively communicating with animals no matter what their species, and 2) being willing to create a space in our lives for that to happen.

Tyson’s Story

Tyson the dog teaches about communicating with animals when they are sickTwo and a half years ago, I was asked to use my skills in communicating with animals to talk with Tyson. He had just been diagnosed with cancer. His human had been told by a vet that he was very sick and would probably die in a few weeks to a month. He had been a bit listless, off his food and a bit slower than usual when out walking, which is why she had taken him to the vet. She knew he wasn’t ‘himself’ but hadn’t expected a diagnosis that was terminal, and according to the vet would be swift.

While the diagnosis was a shock and she was sad to think he was going to die soon, she knew that if it was his time to go, she could deal with that and work towards helping him. She was also clear that she did not want him to suffer, and didn’t want him to live in pain. She could also help him pass-over quickly if that is what he wanted, but she wondered, ‘If I euthanise him, am I stopping him from doing something he needs to before he dies?’.

Being an intuitive herself, she had talked with him and she felt he was saying he was okay and not yet ready to die, but because she had a strong heart connection with him, she wanted to double check that she was correct in what she was picking up. So, I began to connect with him and communicate, and Tyson told me very clearly that he was not on his way out, yet; that he was not in pain; that he wasn’t suffering; and that he still had things to do.

Communicating With Animals Includes Listening

As I listened and asked questions, Tyson was able to let me know what he wanted and needed. He wanted the ‘right’ medicine, and his human could ensure that he got it. The ‘medicine’ would be the kind of food he ate and any minerals and vitamins that needed to be added.  He already had a good diet without any impurities, and he had lots of exercise, but he was certain that he needed three particular Bach flower remedies and two essential oils, and some hands on and remote healing. He also told me he needed the green stuff – he meant spirulina; the yellow stuff – he meant yeast with B12; fish oil; and Vitamin E.

He didn’t think he needed all of these ‘medicines’ every day, but he was clear that his human could ask him what he wanted every day, and with her help and prompting he could indicate what he wanted and when. If he ever needed pain management, or it was his time to go, and he couldn’t make it clear to his human, he would let me know remotely and I could pass the information on to her. In the meantime, though, he would self-medicate and keep on processing.…and so he did. Every day for the rest of his life, both his food and medicine were put under his nose and he was given the choice to have what he needed and in whatever amount.

Tyson’s Healing Journey

Over the next few months the tumour in Tyson’s body shrunk and he began to thrive and not just survive. A year later he was still alive with lots of energy and a strong commitment to completing what he needed to do. At that point I went to look after him for three months, while his human went away. In the twelve weeks I was with him, he continued to choose his daily medicine, and he was clear he still had some healing to do. He had been a ‘rescue’ dog and had not had an easy life as a puppy, and he was clearing and working all this through. He also still had some things to complete with his human, and was helping her to do her inner growth and healing.

By November last year, eighteen months after he was given a terminal diagnosis, where he may live a few weeks, he had completed what he needed to do, and was getting ready to go home. For the last two weeks in November I interacted intuitively with him every few days, and had many conversations with him and his human, about his health, any pain he may be experiencing, and any change in his desire to stay or go.

His human consistently wanted to make sure that he wasn’t in pain, and that she was doing everything to relieve his suffering, yet also helping him to do whatever he needed to before he died. She was told by friends that she should put him out of his pain and suffering. Yet each time we tuned in, he was clear he was not in pain, or suffering, and he was taking the opportunity to clear trauma, clear his angst in this life, and to leave this planet a clear ‘being’.

In the first two weeks of December I chatted with him and his human every day. Then for five days we chatted numerous times in a day, on the phone and also remotely. A week before Christmas last year, it was approaching the time for him to leave this plane. I was on the phone my end, his human was on the phone at their end, sitting on the floor with him, and he had his head laying on her lap.

His breathing was laboured and it was nearing his time to go. All three of us could see the light portal opening up for his spirit/soul to enter into. His ‘welcomers’ could only come so far down the portal and so were waiting above the Earth plane in the other realms. The portal remained open, and they waited until he was ready. A few minutes later he whimpered a bit and took his last breath and his spirit fully entered the light and the portal. It was moving and sad, but also very profound and peaceful.

Healing into Death

What a blessing it is to be able to be a part of such a beautiful journey towards death. In control and in choice. Able to heal as necessary and yet let go, as necessary too. Many people think that ‘Healing’ is about removing a health issue, but my work has proved to me that is not the case. ‘Healing’ takes many shapes and forms, and creating and holding a space that enables a person or animal to have quality of life, while doing what they need to before leaving this planet, is a profound form of Healing.

Tyson had been given the time by his human, and taken the time he wanted, to come to completion in this life. Every one of us, human and animal, has an inner knowing and knows what we need to do and what we want to do…we just need to be given that choice. He feels grateful for being given that time and it is his gratitude and his willingness to help others that is behind him asking me to share his story.

Communicating with Animals on the Other Side

Since his body expired, Tyson has come back to help his human on many occasions. He also talks to other dogs and has obviously connected with the big dog Deva in heaven, as often since Tyson’s death I have had unexpected and beautiful connections with dogs, who have made a beeline for me, to thank me and let me know how much that meant to him. He is also, still working to help others, and on my recommendation, he is currently interacting with a dog that is in a bit of bother with his human’s neighbours. Tyson is bringing him and the others into line in the gentlest possible way.

And of course, he is helping each of us right now by getting me to share his experiences. Tyson is hopeful that this story resonates with you, and will help you communicate with your pet, when they are sick or in need. He also hopes it will help you to provide a healing space for your furry friend and family member to help them complete their journey here, and leave the body and go into the light in the way he or she needs to.

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