December Solstice 22nd, 2019 (3:19 pm EST)

December Solstice Energies and Influences

No matter where we live on our planet, the December Solstice is a time when we can be highly sensitive to the energies around us. This is because the veils between the visible and invisible worlds are thin, and we are consciously and unconsciously tuning into any and all energies across the dimensions.

Our ancestors knew the veils were thin at this time, and recognized that they made us more susceptible, even vulnerable to, unwanted energies. That is why they created particular rituals, dances and celebrations at specific stone circles and structures, so that people in the community at large, could enter the higher realms in the right manner and order, and interact with the frequencies in ways that they could ‘ground’ and more easily integrate them upon return.

The Elders also knew that the full moon that always comes just before the December Solstice, as well as the solar and astrological alignments that come just after it, would also influence how these frequencies would be integrated in the body/mind/spirit and then expressed out into the world. That is important to remember for this Solstice as it was preceded by a powerful Full Moon, and will be swiftly followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 25th/26th December.

Celebrations and Rituals

What celebrations, rituals, musings and meditations are you being called to do? Do you need to go within to find the answers? (those in the Northern Hemisphere are entering winter) Do you need to step out and let your light shine? (the Southern Hemisphere is entering summer) Perhaps you need to do a bit of both.

Here is what my ‘Soul Whispers Cards’ reading suggests:

1) How can we connect with the cosmic energies of the Solstice:
MESSENGERS – I hear the messages of beings in the higher realms – I can feel their support and influence each day;

2) What do we need to pay attention to this Solstice:
DNA – My genetic pattern is now being healed – and I lovingly release it and say goodbye;

3) What do we need to remember this Solstice:
BALANCE – Everything in my life is balanced and harmonious – I am breathing deeply, I am relaxed and grounded;

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