Transformation with Butterfly Medicine

Transformation is in the Air

Aligning with the natural world to gain insight into our personal and collective journey is powerful medicine. Today’s natural medicine came via the Butterfly world. As I walked along in nature, I counted 62 vibrantly coloured butterflies, flittering and fluttering about. There were bright lemon migrants; multi-coloured birdwings; orchard swallowtails; vivid blue ones I don’t know the name of; numerous brown and white varieties; large cream ones; and a few green splendours.

transformation with butterfly medicineWhile science and biology tell us that butterflies are plentiful at the moment due to the weather of the last six months which has killed off a few of their natural predators, the Animal Medicine Cards indicate that each butterfly is a potential symbol of Transformation via the element of Air and the mind…and highlights the ability to know the mind or to change it. So, what is your mind focusing on at this time?

Do you feel uncertain about what is happening? Perhaps you have recently lost a job and wonder what you can do now, or maybe you are considering how to share what you know, or support others in this time of isolation. Or you may be like me, and focusing on mastering your thoughts and feelings as the changes unfold in the coming weeks. I am paying attention to my thoughts and feelings; changing my thoughts when necessary; identifying feelings but not attaching to them; and keeping my subtle energies clear as the ‘pea soup’ of the collective unconscious energy does its best to knock us all off balance. What about you? Are you keeping a clear mind, and are you able to transform your thoughts when you need to? Butterfly medicine is helpful with these aspects as well.

Transformation with the Butterfly

transformation via butterfly According to the Cards, to know the transformative power of butterfly medicine we must observe our position in the cycle of self-transformation. So, what is your mind focusing on at this time, in relation to the cycle of the butterfly?

Are you at the egg stage: the beginning of all things – where the idea/thought has not yet become a reality? The larva stage making the decision to ‘create the idea or thought’ into the physical world? Or the cocoon stage, going within to develop your project, idea or thought? Maybe you have already done these phases and like the butterfly you have given birth, left the chrysalis behind, and are now sharing your light and your energy with the world…like the butterflies did with me.

Whatever phase or stage you are in at this time, the capacity for transformation is never-ending and always present, and the natural world and our planet are always ready and willing to help us gain insight and deeper understanding.

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