Earth Energies and ‘Slaying the Dragon’

‘Slaying The Dragon’ is part of medieval literature and the Quest for the Holy Grail…..But what does it really mean for an Earth Energy and Lightworker?

In medieval and mythological stories a knight, saint or giant undergoes a Quest or Pilgrimage where they must kill or ‘Slay’ a dragon to become the ‘Hero’. 

It is not only men that undergo this spiritual practice or Quest. Princesses, maids and queens have also ‘slayed’ the dragon throughout history, its just that few stories about a woman slaying a dragon are mentioned in ancient fables, as it doesn’t fit with the mythologies of the male ‘heroic figure.

This failure to mention women is interesting as ‘slaying the dragon’ has nothing to do with masculinity and male power at all. It is actually all about the strengthening of the Divine Feminine energy both within the subtle bodies of the dragon slayer; and the landscape itself.

When done properly, by a grail knight/ grail maiden who sits a saddle, ‘slaying the dragon’, activates the ‘Divine Feminine’ in the land, and awakens the forces in the Earth, so that the energy of the dragon can then move across and through the landscape.

We have evidence of this spiritual practice of personal growth and land awakening, through the many mounds, hills and towns that have the word ‘dragon’ or ‘aller’ in their name – which is a direct reference to what took place there and the spiritual practice of ‘slaying a dragon’.

Successfully ‘slaying the dragon’ in the landscape is only possible if the dragon slayer, grail knight/grail maiden or ‘hero/heroine’, can actually sit in their saddle and hold their own when faced with all sorts of energies. This is an allegory for our capacity to manage the forces and energies that are at work in the unseen world – energies that can topple an ‘energy worker’ and ‘lightworker’ from their ‘saddle’ if they have not done their inner work and initiations.

Its tough but true…because in the geomythic blueprint of our planet, dragons eggs and dragon energies were placed in specific locations around the planet to await the ‘dragon slayer’ who activated them and released the energy of the Divine into the Earth Energy Matrix. This is how we move forward together  in greater harmony with the Divine Feminine awareness that we have collectively lost connection to.

If you are interested in learning how this can be done every day and in every moment, Paulina talks about some of her experiences as a ‘dragon slayer’ in her book ‘Remembering Isis’ and demonstrates how the grail maiden, or the ‘heroine’ can interact with these invisible realms and hold their saddle no matter what.

You can also connect with Paulina to see what she posts on Facebook, listen to some of her Talks and Cosmic Conversations, and also receive her Newsletter

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