Consciousness Card Reading April 2020

Planetary Consciousness Card Reading

Today I was called to do a planetary consciousness Animal Medicine Card Reading.  As always, the Cards share great wisdom.

Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion both online and off about what humanity is currently experiencing on this planet. The planet of course is business as usual as all her animals, species, and natural world do what they need to, after the change of season at the Equinox.

The Equinox brought in a great deal of light to our planet and we are actually now living in a higher frequency. The inner core energy frequency of our planet has also changed, and I will be posting information about that, and a meditation process to in a few days.

Animal Insights from the Card Reading 

First Card in the Card Reading: 

Coyote Medicine – relates to recent events. As many of you will know the Coyote energy is the trickster energy. Snooze time is over when the Coyote Cards appears in a reading. Our glass house and perceptions about the world are crashing down. This is happening in at least two ways – we are being opened up to the deception and the trickster medicine that has been happening on our planet for a long time; and we are also being prompted to register our own role in our own inner ‘trickster’, and the ways we have individually and collectively tricked ourselves.

Coyote medicine teaches that everything that can go wrong will. This is to do with what we need to change within ourselves, what we believe about the world we live in and how we act within its social constructs. We are begin asked to clear the mirror of our perceptions and also clarify what we really believe. Trickster medicine is confronting and challenging, but it enables the truth to appear and all illusion to be shattered.

Second Card in the Card Reading:

Weasel Medicine – relates to what is happening now. Weasel is about the energy of Stealth. If you have ever watched weasels you will know they have a lot of energy and are very clever – ingenious at times, with how they can respond to new situations, new information and any perceived threat. Weasels are very observant and have the ability to see beneath the surface of a situation – to know what is really going on behind the scenes or façade that is being presented. In the past, those with weasel medicine were often employed to establish the ‘medicine’ and ‘power’ of the enemy, as they have a great capacity to hear and understand what is really being said and can give an accurate account of a particular situation. They also pay attention to covert actions and false ideas that are presented as truth. In this current situation it would suggest to use your powers of observation and keen awareness to understand the truth and its relevance to you and your life, rather than rely on the information, thoughts and perceptions of others. Also pay attention to your actions, feelings and senses with a keen eye. If we ignore your own senses, feelings and perceptive thoughts, confusion can set in. This can also lead to lead to paranoia and fear.  Weasel suggests that ‘if you want to right a situation, start by shaking the dullness out of your head and observing the obvious. No one can fool you if you watch your step, honour your knowing, seek the ‘hidden reasons’ and use discretion in the process’.

 Third Card in the Card Reading:

Alligator Medicine – relates to the potential future. Alligator is about integration. How to fully integrate and appreciate all that life offers, to integrate each moment, digest our life with ease, and count all our experiences as equal opportunities. Alligator medicine also teaches us to not pass judgement until we have all the facts and, and have seen all sides of any situation. So, if you are acting on judgement, fear and concern, declaring strong opinions and ideas, it is wise to gather information, roll with the punches, digest both the pleasure and pain of life, and use patience and proper timing before acting.

Alligator medicine teaches us to use what is happening as a Rite of Passage and honour our progress in this situation. Be mindful says alligator that quick-fix solutions don’t necessarily support long-term goals. ‘Avoid getting stuck in the duality and quagmire of the human judgement game. Use calm resolve, and review your healing process and life lessons, integrating the growth you have attained’. In any potential future, if we integrate alligator medicine we can live without judgement, accepting life with grace. We can integrate each moment and digest our life with ease, releasing concern and worry from our face and counting all our experiences as equal opportunities.

I wish you all well at this time, and hope this reading helps you gain some deeper insights and perhaps clarity in this journey that we have all volunteered to be part of. If you would like your own personal reading find out more about what Paulina offers here, or connect with her on facebook, or linked in 

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