The Collective Energy Field

What You Are Sending Into The Collective Energy Field

what are you sending into the collective energy fieldWe are all part of the Collective Energy Field. Every thought we have, every feeling we experience and every action we take, sends out a current into the collective energy field. It’s a ‘pea-souper’ in the collective emotional energy field at the moment. Many people are being triggered as they try to navigate what is happening in their lives and integrate unexpected challenges, emotions and life upheavals, and it is sending waves and clouds of distress, and unconscious feelings, thoughts and behaviours out into the collective energy field of our species, and the auric field of the planet.

The Collective Energy Field Is ‘Energy In Motion’

Our emotions are just like our thoughts, they are not who we are, and they are not ‘ours’. They are simply energy in motion – passing through – that we have chosen to identify with. It may be our experiences, our beliefs, our thoughts, and the patterns of our DNA that influence how we engage with our Emotions, but it is our BELIEF that we ARE them, that keeps them ‘running’ in our lives.

image for article what are you sending into the collective energy fieldIn the days, weeks and months ahead, we each have to decide what we want to keep alive in the currency of the collective energy field, and decide what we want to put out there into the ‘pea soup’ of our collective. If we want to promote peace and well-being we need to send out this currency. If we want to create respect and live with integrity we have to send this currency out into the universe! Aim to be conscious in your thoughts, your actions and your feelings, and be selective in your focus. Decide what energy you want to be the currency in the collective energy field and our universal consciousness, then feed it and keep it alive!

Paulina Howfield runs Earth energy workshops, and teaches about consciousness, healing, shamanism and art therapy. Helping people to manage their thoughts, feelings and subtle bodies is important at this time, and is a focus in Paulina’s work, particularly now with all the ascension changes and their effects on the collective energy field. To learn more about her work go work here, join her on facebook, or linked in , and purchase her book or other products here

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