Card Reading for the Full Moon and Eclipse, July 2020

Paulina Howfield’s card reading for the Full Moon and Eclipse, highlights our ability to ‘Focus’ and ‘Retreat’

For today’s card reading for the full moon and eclipse, Paulina used two decks – her Soul Whispers Deck and the Animal Cards Pack, as they both reach into the heart of the matter. She pulled one card from each. Their content directs us to ‘becoming a profound and powerful anchor of calm resolve amid life’s storms’.

The intention/question was ‘What is important for each of us to connect with at this time?’

The Soul Medicine wisdom for the card reading for the full moon and eclipse is: ‘FOCUS’ – I am able to stay on task, follow my purpose and be true to who I am – even when everything around me is in chaos.

The Animal Medicine of the card reading for the full moon and eclipse is ‘RETREAT’ – via the medicine of the ‘Prairie Dog’. Prairie dog medicine teaches that strength and inspiration can be found by retreating into the stillness that quiets the mind. So, it prompts us to seek self-empowerment in silence and inactivity…not outwardly searching for answers, but gently and quietly going within to discover our own resources and our unique soul wisdom.

Together These Two Cards Deliver Profound Medicine:

By going within and RETREATING, we begin to FOCUS on who we are, rather than the distractions of who we are not. They help us access our dreams and inner visions without the intrusions of outer worldly chaos.

The inner FOCUS and silence of the RETREAT informs us that to access gifts of inspiration and renewal we must be at peace with ourselves and rested enough to be able to recognize the blessing being offered. So, the strength of RETREAT and FOCUS, is also in knowing when and how to replenish our life force.

By looking without for the answers and unconsciously tapping into the worldly chaos, we become exhausted, we cannot think clearly, we drain our inner resources and find it difficult to remain focused and alert to that which we are not.

Choosing this Card at this time, helps us to understand that this is not a time to push too hard, for answers and solutions …pushing too hard can create resistance that does not enable positive enhancement, and instead encourages stilted interaction with self and others. It also takes us away from our FOCUS on the real Truth, and capacity for inner renewal and deep peace.

The wisdom from the Soul is always in harmony with the wisdom of Mother Nature and the Animals, and when we take the time to connect with both, we develop resolve, we understand what personal responsibility means and we lift our frequencies. We also start to consciously anchor the Light of who we are in harmony with the natural world and the celestial bodies.

So may the energy and wisdom of FOCUS and RETREAT filter through your energy fields over the next few days. May they help you dance with the energy of fire; help you access the deep and profound wisdom that is within You; and assist you in becoming a profound and powerful anchor of calm resolve amid life’s storms

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