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Matrix Harmonics is also on Facebook. Paulina puts up regular posts about all sorts of things that can make a difference to our personal and planetary healing. She includes product and workshop updates, images of her artwork and lots of esoteric information. Each day has different topics and themes. Click here to connect with Paulina and Matrix Harmonics on Facebook, visit the page, click on your ‘like’ button and keep in touch with what is happening on a daily basis. Paulina looks forward to your company on facebook at matrix harmonics, or her artist page

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Card Reading for the Full Moon and Eclipse, July 2020

Paulina Howfield’s card reading for the Full Moon and Eclipse, highlights our ability to ‘Focus’ and ‘Retreat’

For today’s card reading for the full moon and eclipse, Paulina used two decks – her Soul Whispers Deck and the Animal Cards Pack, as they both reach into the heart of the matter. She pulled one card from each. Their content directs us to ‘becoming a profound and powerful anchor of calm resolve amid life’s storms’.

The intention/question was ‘What is important for each of us to connect with at this time?’

The Soul Medicine wisdom for the card reading for the full moon and eclipse is: ‘FOCUS’ – I am able to stay on task, follow my purpose and be true to who I am – even when everything around me is in chaos.

The Animal Medicine of the card reading for the full moon and eclipse is ‘RETREAT’ – via the medicine of the ‘Prairie Dog’. Prairie dog medicine teaches that strength and inspiration can be found by retreating into the stillness that quiets the mind. So, it prompts us to seek self-empowerment in silence and inactivity…not outwardly searching for answers, but gently and quietly going within to discover our own resources and our unique soul wisdom.

Together These Two Cards Deliver Profound Medicine:

By going within and RETREATING, we begin to FOCUS on who we are, rather than the distractions of who we are not. They help us access our dreams and inner visions without the intrusions of outer worldly chaos.

The inner FOCUS and silence of the RETREAT informs us that to access gifts of inspiration and renewal we must be at peace with ourselves and rested enough to be able to recognize the blessing being offered. So, the strength of RETREAT and FOCUS, is also in knowing when and how to replenish our life force.

By looking without for the answers and unconsciously tapping into the worldly chaos, we become exhausted, we cannot think clearly, we drain our inner resources and find it difficult to remain focused and alert to that which we are not.

Choosing this Card at this time, helps us to understand that this is not a time to push too hard, for answers and solutions …pushing too hard can create resistance that does not enable positive enhancement, and instead encourages stilted interaction with self and others. It also takes us away from our FOCUS on the real Truth, and capacity for inner renewal and deep peace.

The wisdom from the Soul is always in harmony with the wisdom of Mother Nature and the Animals, and when we take the time to connect with both, we develop resolve, we understand what personal responsibility means and we lift our frequencies. We also start to consciously anchor the Light of who we are in harmony with the natural world and the celestial bodies.

So may the energy and wisdom of FOCUS and RETREAT filter through your energy fields over the next few days. May they help you dance with the energy of fire; help you access the deep and profound wisdom that is within You; and assist you in becoming a profound and powerful anchor of calm resolve amid life’s storms

image for card reading full moon and eclipse july 2020

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The Collective Energy Field

What You Are Sending Into The Collective Energy Field

what are you sending into the collective energy fieldWe are all part of the Collective Energy Field. Every thought we have, every feeling we experience and every action we take, sends out a current into the collective energy field. It’s a ‘pea-souper’ in the collective emotional energy field at the moment. Many people are being triggered as they try to navigate what is happening in their lives and integrate unexpected challenges, emotions and life upheavals, and it is sending waves and clouds of distress, and unconscious feelings, thoughts and behaviours out into the collective energy field of our species, and the auric field of the planet.

The Collective Energy Field Is ‘Energy In Motion’

Our emotions are just like our thoughts, they are not who we are, and they are not ‘ours’. They are simply energy in motion – passing through – that we have chosen to identify with. It may be our experiences, our beliefs, our thoughts, and the patterns of our DNA that influence how we engage with our Emotions, but it is our BELIEF that we ARE them, that keeps them ‘running’ in our lives.

image for article what are you sending into the collective energy fieldIn the days, weeks and months ahead, we each have to decide what we want to keep alive in the currency of the collective energy field, and decide what we want to put out there into the ‘pea soup’ of our collective. If we want to promote peace and well-being we need to send out this currency. If we want to create respect and live with integrity we have to send this currency out into the universe! Aim to be conscious in your thoughts, your actions and your feelings, and be selective in your focus. Decide what energy you want to be the currency in the collective energy field and our universal consciousness, then feed it and keep it alive!

Paulina Howfield runs Earth energy workshops, and teaches about consciousness, healing, shamanism and art therapy. Helping people to manage their thoughts, feelings and subtle bodies is important at this time, and is a focus in Paulina’s work, particularly now with all the ascension changes and their effects on the collective energy field. To learn more about her work go work here, join her on facebook, or linked in , and purchase her book or other products here

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Consciousness Card Reading April 2020

Planetary Consciousness Card Reading

Today I was called to do a planetary consciousness Animal Medicine Card Reading.  As always, the Cards share great wisdom.

Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion both online and off about what humanity is currently experiencing on this planet. The planet of course is business as usual as all her animals, species, and natural world do what they need to, after the change of season at the Equinox.

The Equinox brought in a great deal of light to our planet and we are actually now living in a higher frequency. The inner core energy frequency of our planet has also changed, and I will be posting information about that, and a meditation process to in a few days.

Animal Insights from the Card Reading 

First Card in the Card Reading: 

Coyote Medicine – relates to recent events. As many of you will know the Coyote energy is the trickster energy. Snooze time is over when the Coyote Cards appears in a reading. Our glass house and perceptions about the world are crashing down. This is happening in at least two ways – we are being opened up to the deception and the trickster medicine that has been happening on our planet for a long time; and we are also being prompted to register our own role in our own inner ‘trickster’, and the ways we have individually and collectively tricked ourselves.

Coyote medicine teaches that everything that can go wrong will. This is to do with what we need to change within ourselves, what we believe about the world we live in and how we act within its social constructs. We are begin asked to clear the mirror of our perceptions and also clarify what we really believe. Trickster medicine is confronting and challenging, but it enables the truth to appear and all illusion to be shattered.

Second Card in the Card Reading:

Weasel Medicine – relates to what is happening now. Weasel is about the energy of Stealth. If you have ever watched weasels you will know they have a lot of energy and are very clever – ingenious at times, with how they can respond to new situations, new information and any perceived threat. Weasels are very observant and have the ability to see beneath the surface of a situation – to know what is really going on behind the scenes or façade that is being presented. In the past, those with weasel medicine were often employed to establish the ‘medicine’ and ‘power’ of the enemy, as they have a great capacity to hear and understand what is really being said and can give an accurate account of a particular situation. They also pay attention to covert actions and false ideas that are presented as truth. In this current situation it would suggest to use your powers of observation and keen awareness to understand the truth and its relevance to you and your life, rather than rely on the information, thoughts and perceptions of others. Also pay attention to your actions, feelings and senses with a keen eye. If we ignore your own senses, feelings and perceptive thoughts, confusion can set in. This can also lead to lead to paranoia and fear.  Weasel suggests that ‘if you want to right a situation, start by shaking the dullness out of your head and observing the obvious. No one can fool you if you watch your step, honour your knowing, seek the ‘hidden reasons’ and use discretion in the process’.

 Third Card in the Card Reading:

Alligator Medicine – relates to the potential future. Alligator is about integration. How to fully integrate and appreciate all that life offers, to integrate each moment, digest our life with ease, and count all our experiences as equal opportunities. Alligator medicine also teaches us to not pass judgement until we have all the facts and, and have seen all sides of any situation. So, if you are acting on judgement, fear and concern, declaring strong opinions and ideas, it is wise to gather information, roll with the punches, digest both the pleasure and pain of life, and use patience and proper timing before acting.

Alligator medicine teaches us to use what is happening as a Rite of Passage and honour our progress in this situation. Be mindful says alligator that quick-fix solutions don’t necessarily support long-term goals. ‘Avoid getting stuck in the duality and quagmire of the human judgement game. Use calm resolve, and review your healing process and life lessons, integrating the growth you have attained’. In any potential future, if we integrate alligator medicine we can live without judgement, accepting life with grace. We can integrate each moment and digest our life with ease, releasing concern and worry from our face and counting all our experiences as equal opportunities.

I wish you all well at this time, and hope this reading helps you gain some deeper insights and perhaps clarity in this journey that we have all volunteered to be part of. If you would like your own personal reading find out more about what Paulina offers here, or connect with her on facebook, or linked in 

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Transformation with Butterfly Medicine

Transformation is in the Air

Aligning with the natural world to gain insight into our personal and collective journey is powerful medicine. Today’s natural medicine came via the Butterfly world. As I walked along in nature, I counted 62 vibrantly coloured butterflies, flittering and fluttering about. There were bright lemon migrants; multi-coloured birdwings; orchard swallowtails; vivid blue ones I don’t know the name of; numerous brown and white varieties; large cream ones; and a few green splendours.

transformation with butterfly medicineWhile science and biology tell us that butterflies are plentiful at the moment due to the weather of the last six months which has killed off a few of their natural predators, the Animal Medicine Cards indicate that each butterfly is a potential symbol of Transformation via the element of Air and the mind…and highlights the ability to know the mind or to change it. So, what is your mind focusing on at this time?

Do you feel uncertain about what is happening? Perhaps you have recently lost a job and wonder what you can do now, or maybe you are considering how to share what you know, or support others in this time of isolation. Or you may be like me, and focusing on mastering your thoughts and feelings as the changes unfold in the coming weeks. I am paying attention to my thoughts and feelings; changing my thoughts when necessary; identifying feelings but not attaching to them; and keeping my subtle energies clear as the ‘pea soup’ of the collective unconscious energy does its best to knock us all off balance. What about you? Are you keeping a clear mind, and are you able to transform your thoughts when you need to? Butterfly medicine is helpful with these aspects as well.

Transformation with the Butterfly

transformation via butterfly According to the Cards, to know the transformative power of butterfly medicine we must observe our position in the cycle of self-transformation. So, what is your mind focusing on at this time, in relation to the cycle of the butterfly?

Are you at the egg stage: the beginning of all things – where the idea/thought has not yet become a reality? The larva stage making the decision to ‘create the idea or thought’ into the physical world? Or the cocoon stage, going within to develop your project, idea or thought? Maybe you have already done these phases and like the butterfly you have given birth, left the chrysalis behind, and are now sharing your light and your energy with the world…like the butterflies did with me.

Whatever phase or stage you are in at this time, the capacity for transformation is never-ending and always present, and the natural world and our planet are always ready and willing to help us gain insight and deeper understanding.

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Earth Energies and ‘Slaying the Dragon’

‘Slaying The Dragon’ is part of medieval literature and the Quest for the Holy Grail…..But what does it really mean for an Earth Energy and Lightworker?

In medieval and mythological stories a knight, saint or giant undergoes a Quest or Pilgrimage where they must kill or ‘Slay’ a dragon to become the ‘Hero’. 

It is not only men that undergo this spiritual practice or Quest. Princesses, maids and queens have also ‘slayed’ the dragon throughout history, its just that few stories about a woman slaying a dragon are mentioned in ancient fables, as it doesn’t fit with the mythologies of the male ‘heroic figure.

This failure to mention women is interesting as ‘slaying the dragon’ has nothing to do with masculinity and male power at all. It is actually all about the strengthening of the Divine Feminine energy both within the subtle bodies of the dragon slayer; and the landscape itself.

When done properly, by a grail knight/ grail maiden who sits a saddle, ‘slaying the dragon’, activates the ‘Divine Feminine’ in the land, and awakens the forces in the Earth, so that the energy of the dragon can then move across and through the landscape.

We have evidence of this spiritual practice of personal growth and land awakening, through the many mounds, hills and towns that have the word ‘dragon’ or ‘aller’ in their name – which is a direct reference to what took place there and the spiritual practice of ‘slaying a dragon’.

Successfully ‘slaying the dragon’ in the landscape is only possible if the dragon slayer, grail knight/grail maiden or ‘hero/heroine’, can actually sit in their saddle and hold their own when faced with all sorts of energies. This is an allegory for our capacity to manage the forces and energies that are at work in the unseen world – energies that can topple an ‘energy worker’ and ‘lightworker’ from their ‘saddle’ if they have not done their inner work and initiations.

Its tough but true…because in the geomythic blueprint of our planet, dragons eggs and dragon energies were placed in specific locations around the planet to await the ‘dragon slayer’ who activated them and released the energy of the Divine into the Earth Energy Matrix. This is how we move forward together  in greater harmony with the Divine Feminine awareness that we have collectively lost connection to.

If you are interested in learning how this can be done every day and in every moment, Paulina talks about some of her experiences as a ‘dragon slayer’ in her book ‘Remembering Isis’ and demonstrates how the grail maiden, or the ‘heroine’ can interact with these invisible realms and hold their saddle no matter what.

You can also connect with Paulina to see what she posts on Facebook, listen to some of her Talks and Cosmic Conversations, and also receive her Newsletter

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December Solstice 22nd, 2019 (3:19 pm EST)

December Solstice Energies and Influences

No matter where we live on our planet, the December Solstice is a time when we can be highly sensitive to the energies around us. This is because the veils between the visible and invisible worlds are thin, and we are consciously and unconsciously tuning into any and all energies across the dimensions.

Our ancestors knew the veils were thin at this time, and recognized that they made us more susceptible, even vulnerable to, unwanted energies. That is why they created particular rituals, dances and celebrations at specific stone circles and structures, so that people in the community at large, could enter the higher realms in the right manner and order, and interact with the frequencies in ways that they could ‘ground’ and more easily integrate them upon return.

The Elders also knew that the full moon that always comes just before the December Solstice, as well as the solar and astrological alignments that come just after it, would also influence how these frequencies would be integrated in the body/mind/spirit and then expressed out into the world. That is important to remember for this Solstice as it was preceded by a powerful Full Moon, and will be swiftly followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 25th/26th December.

Celebrations and Rituals

What celebrations, rituals, musings and meditations are you being called to do? Do you need to go within to find the answers? (those in the Northern Hemisphere are entering winter) Do you need to step out and let your light shine? (the Southern Hemisphere is entering summer) Perhaps you need to do a bit of both.

Here is what my ‘Soul Whispers Cards’ reading suggests:

1) How can we connect with the cosmic energies of the Solstice:
MESSENGERS – I hear the messages of beings in the higher realms – I can feel their support and influence each day;

2) What do we need to pay attention to this Solstice:
DNA – My genetic pattern is now being healed – and I lovingly release it and say goodbye;

3) What do we need to remember this Solstice:
BALANCE – Everything in my life is balanced and harmonious – I am breathing deeply, I am relaxed and grounded;

To find out more about Paulina’s Soul Whispers Cards visit this page
To find out how to get a Soul Whispers Card Reading visit this page
To connect with Paulina on facebook visit this page

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Communicating With Animals

Psychically Communicating With Animals

When I am out in nature, I am always psychically communicating with animals, birds, trees and stones. Due to my openness and willingness to communicate with them, they reach out to connect with me. I am always respectful to them, and I listen and we converse.

They may tell me about their role in maintaining the eco-system of the area; or explain the intricacies of the subtle energies where they reside. Often we chat about their health or well-being, and I will do what I can to help them if required. Our conversations may be short, direct and to the point, or long, complex and articulate. It all depends on the personality of the living being I am communicating with.

Our Pet’s Communicate Too

It is exactly the same when I am communicating with animals that have close human interactions and live as ‘pets’ in people’s lives. In these instances I may be a visitor to a home, or I have been contacted specifically to help the humans help their pet – although often the truth is, that the interaction is actually to help the pet help their human. It may be a bird, rabbit, gecko, fish, cat, horse or dog. Whatever the form the ‘being’ has taken, I will listen to them, converse respectfully, find out what their issue is, and then do whatever I can to help.

If I’m called to help with a pet it is usually when the pet is 1) sick or dying, 2) off their food, 3) behaving differently, or 4) has been injured in some way. Then I use my skills either in person or via remote viewing, to start communicating with the animal to find out what has happened, and/or what is wrong, and thereby establish what they need for themselves or their humans.

What Does Communicating With Animals Involve?

Much of the time when communicating with animals, I find that they will share information via feelings, symbols or images, and they will show in their mind what the issue is. Some will also actually speak telepathically and I will hear their voice, and it does also involve paying attention to non-verbal cues. But I find there aren’t really any absolutes as to how they will share as each animal may communicate differently – just like we do – and how they do it, is not relative to their species, but more to each animal’s own personality. Once I have established what their issue is, and or what they need, I facilitate effective communication between the animal and the human to help them share what they need and want; and also provide healing for the animal and for the humans.

One of the animals I helped was a dog called Tyson, who is now on the ‘other side’. He recently asked me to share my story with you (see below). He says that people need to know how to communicate with their animals, because just like us, many animals want to be given the chance to complete unfinished business and fulfil their unique mission before they leave. Knowing how to facilitate this for them involves us 1) respectfully and effectively communicating with animals no matter what their species, and 2) being willing to create a space in our lives for that to happen.

Tyson’s Story

Tyson the dog teaches about communicating with animals when they are sickTwo and a half years ago, I was asked to use my skills in communicating with animals to talk with Tyson. He had just been diagnosed with cancer. His human had been told by a vet that he was very sick and would probably die in a few weeks to a month. He had been a bit listless, off his food and a bit slower than usual when out walking, which is why she had taken him to the vet. She knew he wasn’t ‘himself’ but hadn’t expected a diagnosis that was terminal, and according to the vet would be swift.

While the diagnosis was a shock and she was sad to think he was going to die soon, she knew that if it was his time to go, she could deal with that and work towards helping him. She was also clear that she did not want him to suffer, and didn’t want him to live in pain. She could also help him pass-over quickly if that is what he wanted, but she wondered, ‘If I euthanise him, am I stopping him from doing something he needs to before he dies?’.

Being an intuitive herself, she had talked with him and she felt he was saying he was okay and not yet ready to die, but because she had a strong heart connection with him, she wanted to double check that she was correct in what she was picking up. So, I began to connect with him and communicate, and Tyson told me very clearly that he was not on his way out, yet; that he was not in pain; that he wasn’t suffering; and that he still had things to do.

Communicating With Animals Includes Listening

As I listened and asked questions, Tyson was able to let me know what he wanted and needed. He wanted the ‘right’ medicine, and his human could ensure that he got it. The ‘medicine’ would be the kind of food he ate and any minerals and vitamins that needed to be added.  He already had a good diet without any impurities, and he had lots of exercise, but he was certain that he needed three particular Bach flower remedies and two essential oils, and some hands on and remote healing. He also told me he needed the green stuff – he meant spirulina; the yellow stuff – he meant yeast with B12; fish oil; and Vitamin E.

He didn’t think he needed all of these ‘medicines’ every day, but he was clear that his human could ask him what he wanted every day, and with her help and prompting he could indicate what he wanted and when. If he ever needed pain management, or it was his time to go, and he couldn’t make it clear to his human, he would let me know remotely and I could pass the information on to her. In the meantime, though, he would self-medicate and keep on processing.…and so he did. Every day for the rest of his life, both his food and medicine were put under his nose and he was given the choice to have what he needed and in whatever amount.

Tyson’s Healing Journey

Over the next few months the tumour in Tyson’s body shrunk and he began to thrive and not just survive. A year later he was still alive with lots of energy and a strong commitment to completing what he needed to do. At that point I went to look after him for three months, while his human went away. In the twelve weeks I was with him, he continued to choose his daily medicine, and he was clear he still had some healing to do. He had been a ‘rescue’ dog and had not had an easy life as a puppy, and he was clearing and working all this through. He also still had some things to complete with his human, and was helping her to do her inner growth and healing.

By November last year, eighteen months after he was given a terminal diagnosis, where he may live a few weeks, he had completed what he needed to do, and was getting ready to go home. For the last two weeks in November I interacted intuitively with him every few days, and had many conversations with him and his human, about his health, any pain he may be experiencing, and any change in his desire to stay or go.

His human consistently wanted to make sure that he wasn’t in pain, and that she was doing everything to relieve his suffering, yet also helping him to do whatever he needed to before he died. She was told by friends that she should put him out of his pain and suffering. Yet each time we tuned in, he was clear he was not in pain, or suffering, and he was taking the opportunity to clear trauma, clear his angst in this life, and to leave this planet a clear ‘being’.

In the first two weeks of December I chatted with him and his human every day. Then for five days we chatted numerous times in a day, on the phone and also remotely. A week before Christmas last year, it was approaching the time for him to leave this plane. I was on the phone my end, his human was on the phone at their end, sitting on the floor with him, and he had his head laying on her lap.

His breathing was laboured and it was nearing his time to go. All three of us could see the light portal opening up for his spirit/soul to enter into. His ‘welcomers’ could only come so far down the portal and so were waiting above the Earth plane in the other realms. The portal remained open, and they waited until he was ready. A few minutes later he whimpered a bit and took his last breath and his spirit fully entered the light and the portal. It was moving and sad, but also very profound and peaceful.

Healing into Death

What a blessing it is to be able to be a part of such a beautiful journey towards death. In control and in choice. Able to heal as necessary and yet let go, as necessary too. Many people think that ‘Healing’ is about removing a health issue, but my work has proved to me that is not the case. ‘Healing’ takes many shapes and forms, and creating and holding a space that enables a person or animal to have quality of life, while doing what they need to before leaving this planet, is a profound form of Healing.

Tyson had been given the time by his human, and taken the time he wanted, to come to completion in this life. Every one of us, human and animal, has an inner knowing and knows what we need to do and what we want to do…we just need to be given that choice. He feels grateful for being given that time and it is his gratitude and his willingness to help others that is behind him asking me to share his story.

Communicating with Animals on the Other Side

Since his body expired, Tyson has come back to help his human on many occasions. He also talks to other dogs and has obviously connected with the big dog Deva in heaven, as often since Tyson’s death I have had unexpected and beautiful connections with dogs, who have made a beeline for me, to thank me and let me know how much that meant to him. He is also, still working to help others, and on my recommendation, he is currently interacting with a dog that is in a bit of bother with his human’s neighbours. Tyson is bringing him and the others into line in the gentlest possible way.

And of course, he is helping each of us right now by getting me to share his experiences. Tyson is hopeful that this story resonates with you, and will help you communicate with your pet, when they are sick or in need. He also hopes it will help you to provide a healing space for your furry friend and family member to help them complete their journey here, and leave the body and go into the light in the way he or she needs to.

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Sun Visualization to Heal Ancestral Patterns

The Sun is such a powerful force to help us change and grow, and a Sun Visualisation to connect to its Light, can help us understand and heal our ancestral patterns.

As we head towards the full moon on the 13th, it is a great time to re-connect with the Light of the Sun to help us stay in balance.

The Sun Visualization:

(I am sharing this galactic Sun visualization that I do, to help you cleanse your DNA and Heal your Ancestral Patterns via the energies of the Sun)

Begin by visualizing the Sun as just one member of a huge group of stars that are swirling in the massive pinwheel shape of the Milky Way. Then draw yourself out of this pinwheel of light and into the spiralling of your own DNA’s double helix. From this place, out in the galaxies, muse on these questions:

  • Am I led by my genetic patterns?

  • Are any of my fears inherited?

  • Am I influenced by the beliefs of others?

  • Are any of my belief systems part of my ancestral lineage?

  • Do I feel held back, or pushed forward by my lineage?

Consider how you move in and through the world, and use the energy of the Sun to help you heal, cleanse and clear anything you feel you wish to. Next in this Sun Visualization consider: 

  • What kind of reaction do I create with the energy I send into the universe

  • What words would I use to describe the way I move through both the material and spiritual worlds?

  • Do I  feel awash or adrift in a massive universe?

  • Do I shine my Light?

  • Am I a beacon of Light?

  • Do I soak up the Light of others?

  • Do I constantly bounce off others, or reflect their Light and forget your own?

  • Is my relationship with the Light compatible with my Soul Path?

  • Is my relationship with the Light compatible with the Shift we are all experiencing?

Image of sun for sun vizualization processEngage with the Sun, every day and do a sun visualization. Let its energies infuse your mind, body, spirit and soul with its Light, and give yourself permission to dance in the energy of transformation as you move ‘in’ the Light. Do this for at least one month and notice the changes within and around you.


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Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

73,000 Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

Image of Fires in the AmazonFires in the Amazon rainforest happen annually. They are the favourite method of de-foresting Brazil. Yet this year many people are concerned about the damage they are causing to the natural eco-system in the area. So far in 2019, the fires in the Amazon have killed more plants, animals and birds than ever before.

Furthermore, the thousands of fires are actually damaging the breathing apparatus or ‘lungs’ of our planet. Normally the trees in the rainforest absorb enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Sadly they are now choking with smoke every day, and their ability to absorb carbon dioxide is limited. This means its natural bio-diversity is under threat. It also means that we are too, because the lungs of the Amazon help reduce the potential for global warming.Therefore, it is crucial that we protect what is there.

The Jungle is Full of Medicine

fires in the amazon kill flowersAnother concern to many about the fires in the Amazon is that the rainforest is a natural pharmacy and medicine cabinet. The jungle provides many medicines for the Indigenous people, and lots of ingredients for western medicine as well. With all the fires in the Amazon we lose herbs, flowers and medicines that are used every day throughout the world. Also, we are losing many plants that  have not yet been properly examined and identified. Therefore it is impossible to know what potential medicine we are actually losing as these fires burn. Yet they continue.

Putting out the Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

fires in the Amazon along the riverMany of us would like to see the fires in the Amazon put out, and never lit again. But that will take profound change in how we interact with the natural world, and use our resources. Money, greed and power have been a part of how resources are found and used for centuries, and policies and belief systems will not change overnight.

But stopping the annual fires in the Amazon is not just about money and political action. We can help in other ways. Personal choices and actions can make change happen at deep levels. It may be that we make a difference by writing letters, or boycotting certain global industries and products. And it is important to remember that our thoughts, intentions and personal vibrations can change things too. What we send out energetically into the world also has power. We just need to be clear what thoughts we are sending out into the ethers and the collective consciousness. And we need to pay attention to our anger, dis-satisfaction, weariness, distress and sadness. All of these emotions and feelings feed a system that needs clearing from the ground up.

Personal Responsibility

responsibility helps us establish what to do about the fires in the amazonAs each of us becomes more aware of the many levels of consciousness that exists it is important to take personal responsibility for any role we have in the collective energy pattern. Remembering we are all inter-connected does not seem to be enough. Yet realising that we each make choices and decisions in every moment, can help us move forward with a sense of power and purpose when everything around us seems beyond help. We can of course also make a difference to the fires in the amazon via our meditations, healing groups, and prayers. So if we want to help, the very least each of us can do, is to send positive thoughts and clear intention for a positive change and healing outcome for the fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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Aquarius and Leo this Full Moon

The Cosmic Energies of Aquarius and Leo Make This Full Moon Powerful!

The current full moon in Aquarius is in exact opposition to the Sun sign of Leo, and creates a battle in our psyches between all that we know and everything that we have yet to find out.

It’s a heart versus mind thing between Aquarius and Leo that can work as a push me, pull me sensation in our inner self as we are prompted to consider the bigger humanitarian picture and how to make the world a better place (Aquarius) versus what do I want?, what do I need?, what do I know? and how can I use it? (Leo).

Add to that the energies of Venus and Mars in opposition to the Aquarian moon, and there is yet another layer as we are prompted to explore and realize truths and feelings that we have perhaps never explored regarding our love and social lives. Phew!

Fortunately, the expansive and optimistic Jupiter, which encourages growth is also affecting the Sun – opening our sense of self and making it something much larger and more powerful.

Plus, Neptune (planet of dreams and spirituality) is forming a healing sextile with Saturn (planet of long-term commitment), which will help us to better see that bigger picture and focus on separating ourself from our ego.

As the energy of Aquarius and Leo impact our frequencies I am loving how the stars, planets and cosmos continue to push us to change and grow. Can you feel all those influences in your own life? Are you ready to be the cosmic, galactic self you were born to be? Let Aquarius and Leo do their thing in your life and and let the real you come out to play on this wild ride we call life

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